About me.

Hello and welcome to JB Coaching. My name is Jennifer.

I am enthusiastic, highly motivated and energetic in the things I do. I am also dyslexic, it feels great to get that out of the way. I did not find out that I was dyslexic until I attended university. It was such a relief to finally be able to identify why I had experienced so many struggles in my education all the way through primary school, secondary school and college. I always had to work harder not to fail exams. I could not recognise or pronounce certain words. I felt like I was dumb, stupid, unintelligent, difficult and angry. Does this story sound familiar? I wish I had found a coach, like me, sooner to help put strategies and structure into my life.

Coaching is an outlet for your thoughts. I feel It is about finding strategies that make things easier for yourself, discovering what works for you and how to function at your full potential. I am a Transformational coach, Personal Trainer and Freelance Instructor. I feel that these chosen careers suit my personality perfectly. I have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. The start of your fitness journey starts with your mindset, your why.

What do you enjoy doing whether it’s Zumba, walking or riding,what would you like your fitness journey to look like?


How JB Coaching can help.

Topics or focus areas that I can help with:


  • Help with organisation and planning.

  • Finding strategies to help you prepare for your daily/weekly tasks in advance.

  • Help with getting to know who you are as a person with dyslexia by exploring how you perceive yourself in the world.

  • Your individual ideas about what you would like for the sessions. (every person with dyslexia is different and have different experiences)

  • Identify what support you may need to live a more stress free life.

  • Working on areas that can enhance your existing strengths and use them to their full potential.

Health fitness and wellbeing

  • Your mindset around fitness

  • Use strategies and goals to achieve long lasting results.

  • Identify what motivates you and what makes you feel comfortable.

  • What sort of health and fitness are you interested in? Going for walks, training in the park or going to the gym?

  • Healthy eating, introducing healthier alternatives.

  • Support to move forward with your fitness goals.


“Jennifer has trained me on and off for the past 4 years. I l originally went to her to loose some weight and tone up. Training a fifty something year old 3 stone overweight and asthmatic and dyslexic was always going to be a challenge. Because of work commitments I organised my sessions took place at 6am in a nearby gym. I dreaded waking up and have those early morning sessions, especially during the dark gloomy cold winter, but Jennifer motivated and encouraged me to soldier, listening to my moans groans and protests on a regular . Jennifer used a number of techniques, routines and strategies to make training fun and also educational. Our sessions were different and planned to make them fun and challenging Not only just focusing on physical fitness, she coached me around nutrition and was instrumental in changing my diet and my relationship with food. As a dyslexic, and dyspraxic person I sometimes struggles to understand routines and follow instructions, which other personal trainers may struggle to work with, that is having to. repeat instructions numerous times however with Jennifer’s patient coaching skills and her ability to reframe instructions in a way that I understand, this is no longer a problem. Thanks to JB Coaching’s enormous wealth of knowledge in the fitness area l and her dedication to the health and wellbeing although I am approaching sixty I am definitely healthier and fitter than a lot of forty year olds that I know.”

Debbie, Social Work Consultant and property entrepreneur

“Jennifer has been my fitness coach following a serious injury and lack of progress with my recovery.

I also have dyslexia making directions for group keep fit classes challenging.

Jennifer as a personal trainer has built my stamina and core stability enabling me to feel more confident in my physical movement and psychological well being. I feel fitter and stronger physically and mentally.

Her ability to work with someone with dyslexia really stands out. She pushes you but is patient. She motivates and gives lots of tips for after care, guidance re healthy choices and how to keep fit in between sessions. I fully recommend her for dyslexic and rehabilitation personal training.”

Carline Benoit, Director of AT&S Training Consultancy

“Jennifer is an amazing transformational coach, not only did she help me reach my goals but she helped to problem solve and break down what the barriers were to reaching my full potential. She also has great listening skills and I never felt rushed during the sessions. Thank you Jennifer for your time, patience and support.”

Kara, Occupational Therapist

“I have been on a coaching journey with Jennifer for around 6 months now. At the beginning of the journey, I was unsure of where I was going in my life and needed guidance and a new sense of purpose. Jennifer has given me a sense of direction and a lease of confidence; as the space has allowed me to reflect, learn and understand my true authentic self, what I want and how I will get it. I will continue on this journey with Jennifer and I would highly recommend her on yours”

B J, Social Worker
“Jennifer has been my personal coach for the past 4 years. I felt that l needed more than just the gym classes to achieve the fitness level that would benefit me in my goal to loose weight and tone up. As an older woman struggling with weight loss Jenny has motivated and encouraged me to do exercises that I thought I would not be able to do. She knows how to work with any issues that may arise for example my osteoarthritis in my knees. Through her years of experience and investment in a variety of relevant courses she was able to work out a programme of exercises that benefited my condition. Jenny makes the sessions fun but challenging. She is able to motivate and push me to achieve a higher fitness level without realising it. Jennifer has definitely been instrumental in my desire to continue to exercise and think about my health as I approach the age of sixty.”
Jackie, Teacher
“Jennifer’s coaching has helped me in a way no testimonial can really ever cover – but I’ll do my best. I have suffered with anxiety for a number of years but I have really been tested the last year after giving birth to my first baby at the start of the pandemic and adapting to so many changes in my life. I didn’t know where to turn or what to do and then along came Jen!

Jennifer works collaboratively with me and has helped me really explore and identify my values and who I am as a person. She has helped to dissolve my limiting beliefs (of which there are many) as well as my negative thoughts, self-doubt and overwhelming guilt and fear.

During every session I have a ‘light bulb’ moment where things start to make sense and we look at ways to get real outcomes that you can implement in your day to day life. It’s not just talking through issues, but ideas and routines to put in place that help – that’s just one of the things that makes Jen different.

I cannot express enough how much lighter I feel after every session. It is work in progress but daily challenges no longer seem insurmountable as I am learning to equip myself with the tools and the positive attitude to carry on with the changes I want to put in place. I look so forward to our sessions as I know I will come out feeling less anxious and more positive.

Jennifer is also different from other coaches – immediately you’re relaxed with her style and infectious energy which for me is hugely important one. Each session is conducted over Skype which makes it so much easier to fit into my hectic schedule. Plus Jennifer is always there to respond to a text, without fail 364 days a year, there are not any people who truly offer and mean that.

So to sum things up …Jennifer really has helped me enormously and it continues to be an amazing journey! I am both blessed and privileged to call her my life coach and would highly recommend her!”

Olivia, Health & Safety Manager

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